Dating idea for married couple steve o lacey dating

But for goodness sake, let the American people decide whether one spouse should stay at home or not.Don’t punish us with higher income taxes if we don’t!Meanwhile, some of you will argue that the figures are too low because there are tremendous financial synergies in a relationship.Since you can’t have synergies before you actually meet, it’s better to simply double the above average net worth per person figures to stay conservative.

Your children get more love from the person you trust the most, you save on daycare costs, and more.

It’s important to note the figures in my chart are for individuals and not for couples.

For those of you who combined your household net worth to see where you stand, so sorry. At the same time, not everybody can find someone they love, hence why I initially created a per person chart.

For simplicity’s sake, I will refer to “married couples” as anybody who is in a long term relationship.

This article comes up with reasonable “above average couple net worth” charts based on what I think, what the government thinks, what you think, and the realities of life. Everybody knows that married couples who stay together have a financial advantage over single people.

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